Prebuilt PC Lead Times

Our prebuilt PCs are configurable, which means there's a little bit of a lead time before we can sign it off and ship it out to you. Once your build is finalized, tested, and approved by our quality control - you'll get an email with your shipping information!

How it works:

  1. You order a prebuilt PC with us
  2. We make the necessary adjustments as per your configuration
  3. We run tests to assure your system is stable and up to our standards (eg. performance load testing, ports and I/O checking etc.)
  4. We securely package your PC for NZ wide delivery
  5. Your PC is booked for pickup and you are notified with a tracking link via email

How long will this process take?

We can expect your PC to be ready for shipping within 2-5 working days from when your order is placed. Thanks to our prebuilt systems being majority completed before placing your order, the final stages of finishing off your build are minimal effort for our team. This is all by design - as we want your PC delivered to you ASAP, while still being able to offer you the benefits of upgradability. 

For shipping ETAs, please see our delivery information page.