Game & Feast Bundle:

Power Up Your Play and Your Taste Buds!

For a limited time, purchase any gaming PC from our selection and receive a complimentary pack of Feastables chocolate. It's the perfect combo to satisfy your gaming and snacking cravings.

Ready to Deliver

  • Plug & Play

    Waste no time setting up your brand-new PC. Our computers are primed for first use with preinstalled Windows 11, so there's nothing left to do but plug in your peripherals and get gaming, creating or studying.

  • Upgradable

    Think you're going to need more computing power or storage? No worries! You can swap out and upgrade specific components when purchasing one of our prebuilt PC’s.

  • Safe Delivery

    We pride ourselves on the standard at which we package your precious hardware! All prebuilt PCs are carefully filled with self-shaping foam in order to keep your system in one piece during transit.

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