1 Year Warranty On All Prebuilt PCs

We offer a standard 1 year return to base warranty on our prebuilt PCs.

You'll be covered in the case of:

  • Components / parts broken or defected upon arrival.
  • If the PC was damaged during transit.
  • Improper assembly or defects caused by improper assembly.
  • Components / parts failure during normal use.

Important notes:

  • The warranty covers manufacturing defects and hardware failures under normal usage conditions. It does not cover damage caused by accidents, mishandling, unauthorized modifications, or natural disasters.
  • Any repairs or modifications performed by unauthorized personnel will void the warranty.
  • For further information regarding warranty terms and conditions please refer to our terms and conditions page here.

What does 'return to base' mean?

Return to base warranty means that in order for us to complete your warranty claim we need your PC to be sent back to us to determine what needs replacement/repair. 

Extended parts warranty?

In many cases, the original component manufacturer warranties extend beyond 1 year. This means that even outside of your Ghostly Engines return to base warranty on the PC as a whole, you are still applicable for parts specific warranties from the manufacturer. 

  • If your PC is having issues post RTB warranty and you are able to identify the faulty part yourself and get it back to us within the manufacturer's warranty period, we will assist you with the warranty process with no charge
  • If your PC is having issues post RTB warranty and you are unable to identify the fault, we are happy to take a look at the PC for you to diagnose which part(s) are faulty and what can be replaced under manufacturer warranties - however, this diagnosis will come with a service fee.

Need to open a warranty claim?

Reach out to our support team via our contact page and select 'Warranty Claim' from the dropdown list.